• Beavers

    Beaver Scouts (or Beavers) are the youngest section of the Scout Association, taking children aged 6 to 8. Beaver Scouts start to learn about the world around them through a mixture of games and activities. Beaver Scouts meet in “Colonies”, usually about once a week for their fun activities.

  • Cubs

    The Cubs form the second section of the Scout Association, and meet in a “Pack” under a Cub Scout Leader or “Akela”. Cub Scouts get to try a lot of fun and adventurous things during their time with the Pack. They will get the chance to gain awards and badges for the things they do.

  • Scouts

    Scouting is for boys and girls aged between 10 and 14 years, who want to make friends and develop their widening interests in ways that are both educational and fun. Many Troops have one day activities which could include things such as canoeing, sailing, raft building, climbing, abseiling, hill walking, survival exercises, archery, mountain biking, kayaking…

  • Nomads

    If you’re 14 to 18 and want to enjoy Scouting you can do so by joining Explorer Scouting. As an Explorer Scout you get to take part in all the usual great Scouting activities such as kayaking, climbing, orienteering… as well as work on projects helping to support you local community.